Books and Resources


  Santrock, John W. (2011). Educational psychology (5th edition). McGraw-Hill Higher

         Education: New York, NY. (NOTE: You may use an earlier edition, but are still

         responsible for updated content as needed.


Ambleside Online copies of Charlotte Mason’s books:
 – Mason, C. (1904/1989) Home education.
 – Mason, C. (1904/1989) Parents and children. – Mason, C. (1904/1989) School education Mason, C. (1904/1989) A philosophy of education


Cooper, E. (ed.) (2004). When children love to learn. Wheaton, IL: Crossway Books


Wood. C. (2019) (4th ed.). Yardsticks: Child and adolescent development ages 4-14. Turners Falls, MA: Center for Responsive Schools, Inc. (An earlier edition is fine.)

Websites: – an organization that has developed many curricular resources for the homeschooling community. All of Mason’s volumes may be found on this website. – a non-profit organization promoting the principles and practices of Charlotte Mason’s design for education. Details about annual conferences and a complete 1st-12th grade curriculum are on the website. – the Mason digitization project begun in 2009 and now housed at Redeemer University College.  Go to ‘Terms and Conditions’ to set up an academic account as a student.