Charlotte Mason’s Philosopy

Now, let’s turn our attention back to these books about which Mason was concerned. She used a variety of books for forms 3-6. In the Appendix are excerpts from and links for some of these books. Read and explore them. 


Narrate: Considering what you have learned about Mason and her philosophy, make note of anything that stands out to you. How do the books that you have sampled today accomplish her goals? Is there anything surprising to you?


Reflect on a quote from Mason’s final volume. In Volume 6, she said, “No doubt there are many scientific men who are also men of letters, and some scientific books as inspiring as great poems––but science is waiting for its literature; and, though we cannot live in shameful ignorance and must get what we can out of the sources open to us, science, as it is too commonly taught tends to leave us crude in thought and hard and narrow in judgment.” (Volume 6 p.318)