The Lost Art of Reading Nature’s Signs

With the addition of disciplinary subjects to our study of science, we still want to grow our observational skills and study of nature. Read the selection from Gooley’s The Lost Art of Reading Nature’s Signs in the Appendix. Nature Study has become a delightful habit at this point taking place in the afternoons, weekends, and holidays but books such as this provide fresh new ideas and open up whole new ways of seeing that are appropriate for highschool students. Take some time outside and search for signs of the compass in the plants and landscape of your area. Make notes and sketches of them. 

As we progress into Form 5b or 10th grade, the study of Biology as a discipline commences. Read the selection from the General Biology text by Ayala and Rogstad found in the Appendix. Narrate in writing the development of cell theory. Why is it important that the history of science continues to be present? How does this contribute to the student’s relationship with science? Write down your thoughts on this and reflect on how your own relationship with science has been impacted by your relationship to the people that have been doing science in the past and the present.